L.A.T.O. began in the fall of 2014 as an acoustic duo with the goal of shaking their stage fright and making bombtastic original music.  Without knowing where it would lead, the duo set out to perform at any and every open mic around. Quickly thereafter, through word of mouth, the duo gained traction in the local music scene and received offer after offer for live performances. 

Since the birth of L.A.T.O., the duo shifted into a full band. Justina Johnson - soulful vocalist and driving force behind L.A.T.O. - writes all of the band's original music. Argee Rivera (RG), co-composes and co-arranges these songs...and dominates on the guitar! The duo works with various other instrumentalists to deliver the full band sound and experience.  

We have had the pleasure and privilege of performing at the Kennedy Center, being featured on WERA - the local Arlington Radio Station, headlining for Clarendon Day, and performing for the Live at House and SoFar Sounds concert series.

The sky is the limit for L.A.T.O. ...we'll see you in the clouds :)